High School Tour

On February 16 a group of interested people toured CECyT, the Mulegé high school, where we sponsor many scholarships students from an assembly of 175 students.

We were welcomed by Guillermo Zuniga Rosas and Lety Osuna Ortiz and taken to the Culinary area first. There are 27 students in this class and they had prepared 7 different dishes for display and discussion by them.

We then progressed to the library where we met the students who edit and print the monthly magazine “Libre Expresión”. This magazine is currently available at stores in Mulegé in Spanish and English, cost is 20 pesos. Los Amigos has been given a one page ad in the next edition, at no cost, because of “all the goodwill that exists” between the school and LADLN. Please be sure to obtain a copy of this informative publication.

We proceeded to the science lab where we were shown samples of building material that the students are producing from recycled cardboard, paper and styrofoam. This lightweight “board” can be used for walls and ceilings and can be used as a replacement for sheetrock. This product will be entered in the CECyT intercollegiate competition later this spring. A further visit is planned regarding the recycling program operated in Posada.

From here, we went to an adjoining room where we saw students working on repairing computers. One student is in the process of writing a program for these restored hard drives.

Following the tour of CECyT, we went to the Internado (boarding facility) for ranch children, ages 5 – 14. We were met by the director, Rochin Yuri, and shown thru all the facilities. The dining room was beautifully decorated for Valentine’s Day! They are currently repainting the dorms and building a recreational area on the north side of the building.

These tours lasted from 10am to 11:30 and were enjoyed by all attendees, who had many questions for the Mexican students. A thank you has been sent to the Director.

We currently provide scholarships for 35 CECyT (high school) students and 29 college/university students. Learn more about our students on our site – https://ladlnmulege.org/students/

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