We currently provide scholarships for 31 CECyT (high school) students and 27 college/university students.

Our semester 2 CECyT students (high school sophomores)
Our semester 4 CECyT students (high school juniors)
Our semester 6 CECyT students (high school seniors)

Student profiles

This is a new section on our site where we introduce you to some of our past and current students.

Meet Abraham Mendoza Osuna

Abraham was the first student sponsored by Los Amigos de los Niños. In 1996, his mother approached a few Los Amigos members asking for help for her son to go secundaria (middle school). Nine years later, Abraham graduated from university with a degree in architecture. Now he is a supervisor, monitoring the activities of mining operations at the Boleo Mine in Santa Rosalía. As part of his job, he lives at the mine when he is on duty; otherwise, he lives with his mother and younger sister in Nuevo Mulegé. He was married and has a twelve-year-old daughter who lives with her mother in Cabo. He is an intelligent young man who is very thankful for the help he has been given.

[The following is an excerpt from a translation in a short video that was recorded.]

“Thanks to God mainly, but with your help, I finished the course of studies. Now it is like a seed that was watered little by little, the tree was growing and now we have this tree and even its fruits. I thank you very much and I greet you with all my heart.”