About Us


Our organization provides educational scholarships and student encouragement because we believe education is a life-long gift.

Our focus:

  • Los Amigos de Los Niños has been supporting students from the Mulegé area and surrounding ranches since 1976.
    • Some ranches are so remote that high school students are forced to secure housing near the school. In addition to housing costs, Mulegé High School charges students an annual student fee.
    • Since local family incomes are low, many families are unable to fund these additional educational costs.
  • We currently support over 60 high school, technical school and university students.

Our funding provides:

  • Student Scholarships for high school and college.
  • Support for underfunded boarding facility programs.
  • Backpacks with reconditioned Samsung Chromebook.

Just for fun:

  • Members have provided an annual Christmas Fiesta for the boarding facility students, which included Santa, small gifts, and a piñata.


In Mexico school is mandatory from grades 1 through 12.

Education available:
Primeria – elementary school
Secundaria – middle school
CECyT – high school
Tecnologico – technology college
Universidad – university

Children attend school Monday through Friday. Students, age 4-14, who live in outlying areas, or on ranches are eligible to live in the government boarding facility during the school week. Those students from remote areas, age 15 -18, who attend Mulegé high school must arrange for their own housing.

Please see our Students section to learn more about the impact of our scholarships.

Students at our “2022 Rock the Arch” fundraiser at Mulege Brewing Company.